Caring for someone with dementia?  For information on help and information available in New York City, click here.

If you are grieving the loss of a friend or family member, talking with others in the context of a bereavement group may provide support.  Various bereavement groups focus on different mourners and causes of loss. 
Click here for a list of local bereavement group resources.

The struggle to care for relatives with dementia is beautifully described in this story of a young woman caring for two parents, each suffering from dementia. Read More


If you are involved in providing care for a friend or relative, you should be sure not to neglect your own well-being.ᅠ Caregiver stress can result in anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, and other adverse effects on one's own health.ᅠ If unaddressed, stress can lead care givers to burn out, which is unhealthy for them and those they care about.ᅠ See the following article for a good discussion of the problem and ways to avoid it.

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Videos from previous Brotherhood Chesed events.

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Conversations About

Illness and Loss, Part 1

Finding a Spiritual Connection with Those Suffering Dementia

Rabbi Avram Mlotek at Brotherhood Synagogue 3/11/18

Dr. Danielle Ofri at Brotherhood Synagogue 4/2/17 Part 1

Living Well -- Fully Present with

Aliza Scharf-Bendow, 3/24/19

Bikur Cholim (”Visiting the Sick”)
Brotherhood Synagogue members will reach out to assist those in our community who are ill and those who are homebound. We are here to help if you need someone to accompany you to a doctor visit, escort you home after a medical procedure, arrange for a ride to the Synagogue should you be unable to travel, or pay you a visit if you are under the weather. Support can be hands on or spiritual. Is there a name you would like included in the Misheberach, a special prayer for healing during Shabbat services, or would you like to attend one of the Synagogue’s special communal Healing Services? The Chesed Committee can help.

  • Dealing with End of Life Issues:
    As we face the death of a loved one, or even as we anticipate our own last days, we often turn to our Jewish faith and traditions for guidance and comfort. Our sages teach us that dealing with death can lead to understanding the deepest essence of life; engaging with such sacred matters can give us a sense of purpose that enriches our days.
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     The Chesed Committee is here to support you at all stages of preparing for, or facing death and dying. To the extent that you desire, the Rabbi, Executive Director, and Cantor are available to counsel you, answer questions, and help with arrangements if you wish. Chesed Committee members can accompany you to a funeral home to make arrangements, assist with shiva arrangements, ensure there is a minyan during shiva, and can be available to talk, help, and support you as long as you need.

    The Chesed Committee provides information and resources for community members facing issues of illness, death and dying. We hope that this information will be useful for anyone dealing with an imminent or actual death of a family member or friend, for anyone thinking through his or her own end of life wishes, and for those wondering how best to comfort a friend or family member who is in mourning.

    As a caring community, we have a sacred responsibility to help one another from the moment illness strikes a loved one through the entire period of bereavement and healing, or as you consider your own mortality.

  • Information and Resources for the Mourner

    A Guide to End of Life Issues: The booklet compiled by the Chesed Committee, includes a summary of resources available through the Brotherhood Synagogue; information regarding laying a loved one to rest in the Jewish tradition; a description of the mourning stages and rituals in our tradition that may support us during these stages; information regarding erecting a monument, marking a loved one’s yahrzeit, yizkor and cemetery visits; as well as a section on emotional support for mourners, amongst other topics. Read More

     Funeral Homes and Cemeteries in the Tri-State Area: The attached lists
    provide information on Jewish funeral homes in New York City as well as cemeteries in the Tri-State Area.

    Books and Other Resources (see below): The attached list of books and other resources has been compiled from a variety of sources. You can find these books in the Synagogue library on the fourth floor. Please let us know if you know of additional books and resources that can be added to this list, books and other resources that you have personally found to be helpful to you in your time of loss.

    For the Consumer Reports Checklist, click here.

    Center for Jewish End of Life Care: A collaboration between MJHS and the UJA Federation

    Information on New York State Long Term Care: The Shira Ruskay Center offers social work services, spiritual care and volunteer support to individuals and families facing serious illness or loss.

    VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care

    The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for
    end-of-life care.

Chesed is a Hebrew word often translated as “loving-kindness.”
The Brotherhood Synagogue’s Chesed Committee aims to provide help and compassion to Brotherhood members in their times of need.

As Jews, we believe that community can be a source of holiness and healing. If someone is suffering physically or spiritually and needs emotional or practical support; if someone is coping with loss and grieving and needs a helping hand: if someone is ill and needs an escort to or from a doctor or medical procedure; if someone needs a friendly telephone call or visitor to alleviate isolation or loneliness; or someone finds him or herself in other situations that would benefit from compassion and loving-kindness, the Chesed Committee is here to help. As a caring community, we can and should perform the mitzvah of helping one another.

The Chesed Committee can be reached by those in need or those looking to help through the synagogue office or at and can assist with the following:

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